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About Us

About Us

About Us


CM Agriculture has its foundations in June 2007, when it became clear that the advent of the GLA was changing the way labour could be provided within the UK. Dale took over the operation of

a company which had failed to get its GLA licence and with its existing staff worked hard to improve standards both for its customer and employee’s.

In September 2008, Tom joined the company as director to continue to move the business forward with both its customer base and the methods employed.

In 2010 the company started to use automated poultry catching techniques, after a couple of failed attempts, it has settled on machinery and method it uses. With the manufacturer the machinery was developed and changed to make it compliant with UK regulations, it now has 6 machines which are working daily in the UK.

The company has continued to grow its customer base since its inception through working with its customers and understanding their requirements. A compliance team was set up and along with the team leader’s a system was introduced to push standards forward. In order to continue growth without losing its standards and control, several key promotions were made, and positions created. Stan took the position of operations manager in East Anglia, Emma was recruited and has metamorphosed into various roles over time and Harry manages all the teams in Lincolnshire.

August 2016 was a busy month, in answer to our customers, we started PB Recruitment Solutions Ltd. The aim being to supply both temporary and fulltime staff to the Poultry industry.  The companies scope has grown over time and is now successfully sourcing farm management staff along with continuing its temporary labour solutions.

In August 2016, the company branched into Broiler Breeder Vaccination, using separate people to its broiler catchers. Working very hard with Crowshall Veterinary Practice it has used the same compliance and training approach to improve the service it provides throughout the UK.


In August 2016, CM started to provide standalone teams and top us staff, for handling both Ducks and Turkeys, this involves the same compliance standards but employing different training methods and a very flexible approach.

In February 2018, CM purchased and re branded G&S Pullet Transport, a long running and trusted haulier of poultry stock. The company is now trading as G&S Transport Ltd, and is about to go through major refurbishment of its yard and running stock.

And so the journey continues……..